South African girl burned alive in alleged Satanic ritual

Posted Oct 24, 2011 by JohnThomas Didymus
An 18 year old South African girl from southern Johannesburg Kirsty Theologo, suffered severe burns and damage to her lungs when some boys, alleged to have been performing a Satanic ritual, poured petrol (gasoline) over her body and set her alight.
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The Telegraph reports the victim's sister Samantha Theologo, speaking with Star Paper, said the boys who set Kirsty alight were friends she often hanged out with. The incident happened on a small hill in a park local teenagers frequented on weekends. Sky News reports the group of teenagers, which included five boys and three girls, are suspected to have been involved in some form of Satanic ritual.
The Independent Online reports Samantha Theologo said,
“We don’t know exactly what happened. We heard they were tied up, but we don’t know.”
Police representative Pinky Tsingane, said the girl was tied up before she was set alight. While her body burned, one of the boys slashed off her hand and held it over a bible allowing the blood to soak the bible.
One of the girls who came to Kirsty's rescue also sustained injuries. She got burned while she tried to put out the flames by rolling Kirsty in sand.
A church pastor drove the girl and her friends to South Rand hospital. Hospital sources say the girl fell into a coma.
Two of the boys have handed themselves over to the police. Police are now investigating the case and may bring charges of attempted murder.