NYC cops on trial for juicing up junkies to service them with sex

Posted Oct 24, 2011 by Joan Firstenberg
These are not just regular police, these are narcotics detectives who allegedly gave junkies crack and other drugs, then forced them to perform sexual acts in return. But the return isn't what they wanted. The junkies are now testifying about it.
File photo: NYPD officers and sergeants being debriefed by lieutenant (in white shirt) in Times Squa...
File photo: NYPD officers and sergeants being debriefed by lieutenant (in white shirt) in Times Square, Midtown Manhattan
Melanie Perez took the stand in Brooklyn Supreme Court and revealed that a narcotics cop called her to his home, gave her drugs to smoke, then pulled down his pants and demanded oral sex. She told the court,
"What was I going to do? I did it."
The New York Daily News reports this is just the latest embarrassing story to emerge in a police corruption trial.
Perez was giving her testimony during the trial of Jason Arbeeny, who is one of eight undercover police officers charged in a scandal that has blackened the name of the South Brooklyn Narcotics squad.
The trial has uncovered other testimony that officers within the precinct also "flaked" or planted drugs on innocent victims so that they could meet their arrest quotas and collect overtime pay.
Perez also testified that "Frank" the officer who first got her high and demanded sex, then introduced her to a colleague of his, Sean Johnson, who also supplied her with narcotics on a few occasions. She told the court,
"He gave me a nice piece for Christmas. It was crack and it was kickin'."
Johnson was convicted earlier this year of one count of corruption and was sentenced to probation. But amazingly, he was acquitted of 34 other charges, including charges that related to the accusations made by Perez, who was also a witness at his bench trial.
The Daily Mail reports that this is the latest embarrassing revelation to emerge from an NYPD police corruption trial involving eight undercover officers from Brooklyn's South Narcotics Squad.
A bitter Arbeeny spoke with reporters outside the courtroom.
"Nobody saw me do anything, but my life is ruined."