US warns of threat against foreigners in Kenya

Posted Oct 23, 2011 by Owen Weldon
The American embassy has released a warning, saying that terrorists may be planning a strike against foreigners in Kenya.
al Shabaab fighters outside of Mogadishu
al Shabaab fighters outside of Mogadishu
Atlantic Council
The American embassy released the warning on Saturday. The embassy said that the terrorists are likely planning on attacking spots that tourists frequent. Shopping malls and night clubs could be some places that terrorists target. The embassy said that the information they received is credible.
The United States did not say who may actually try to attack, but the announcement comes one week after Kenyan troops went to Somalia to attack militants there, according to Daily Mail. The militants that Kenyan troops attacked are the al-Shabaab.
Al-Shabaab is connected to al Qaeda and is considered a terrorist group by the USA. According to CNN, the group is trying to impose its own version of Sharia law on Somalia.
Al-shabaab said that Kenyan troops entering Somalia is an “affront to Somalia’s territorial sovereignty.”
There has been abductions of tourists in Kenya have been occurring recently. This comes in the wake of heightened tensions.
Al-shabaab has denied any part in kidnappings of foreigners, but the group reportedly warned of retaliation that would result in bloody conflicts.
The leader of Al-shabaab is Mohamed Abdi Godane, and he issued a threat on Saturday. He said that all regions in Somalia, that are Islamic regions, are on high alert. He went onto say that his group is ready for open war with neighboring countries who take part in (what he calls) the global Christian invasion against Somalia.
Bystanders were moved away from a hotel in Kenya as security forces checked the identities of people who looked as if they could be from Somalia. There is actually a large Somalia population in Kenya. Most of the Somalia nationals fled from Somalia to Kenya because of famine and war.