Op-Ed: Positive Money on the scrounge

Posted Oct 21, 2011 by Alexander Baron
Ben Dyson of Positive Money has issued an appeal. If you can't afford to donate, you might consider joining one of the protests in a movement whose time has surely come.
A photograph donated by Ben Dyson of Positive Money - an idea whose time has come.
A photograph donated by Ben Dyson of Positive Money - an idea whose time has come.
Positive Money has been around for less than two years but its educational work is now extending beyond these islands. Recently, Dyson spoke at the American Money Institute's conference in Chicago.
Even more recently, he mailed out an appeal to supporters. As the man said, money is too tight to mention, but if you can't dip into your pocket, do something! Financial Reform is an idea whose time has come. There are now numerous easy to understand videos on YouTube and similar websites which explain the money rip off in simple language than even a PhD in Economics will be able to understand, like this one. There are numerous websites devoted mainly or wholly to financial reform, like this one, and this one.
There is also a worldwide occupation going on at the moment. While most of the people involved in these protests don't understand what needs to be done to fix the system, and some of them don't have a clue what is the real problem, they all know intuitively that there is something terribly wrong with the current set up, and that it needs to be fixed.
Positive Money's London conference for October 29 which features a number of high powered speakers including two MPs is now sold out, but watch out for the videos.
Check out Positive Money, watch their short video, and if you like what you see either press the donate button and send a micro-donation by Paypal. Or buy their book. Or at least share their link with your friends on Facebook. But do something!