The Effect of the Kidnapped aid Workers in Dadaab Special

Posted Oct 15, 2011 by Ali Ghedi
Dadaab is the biggest refugee camp in Kenya. Approximately 500.000 people live there waiting help from the different aid workers. This wave of human population came from Somalia in search for security and survival.
Oxfam Ambassador Scarlett Johansson visits Dadaab Camp  Northern Kenya
Oxfam Ambassador Scarlett Johansson visits Dadaab Camp, Northern Kenya
Andy Hall/ Oxfam
Hunger, famine drought and lack of security in their country (Somalia), are the reason Dadaab is over its capacity. Even though lately some of aid workers were concern the worsening of the insecurity, the police of Kenya didn’t check the cause of such information.
Now that two Spanish aid workers (MSF) have been kidnapped, is too late and the situation is out of hand. According to Medicines Sans Frontiers in Madrid, the two victims Blanca Thiebaut, 30, from Madrid, and Montserrat Serra, 40 both worked in logistics for the group in Dadaab camp.
This action of terror caused the suspension of all operation except some emergency cases or life-saving distribution of aid. Most of the workers in the camp are confined in their offices. “Unfortunately the recent events are going to affect aid delivery in Dadaab,”said UNHCR regional communications officer Needa Jehu Hoyah.
According the BBC/Reuters, Al-shabab denied the kidnapping, but the Kenyan police wouldn’t believe that, and they are searching every meter of the border between Kenya and Somalia.
The Kenyan government is scrambling to find the two women kidnapped, but so far no trace of them.
This is not the first time happened. It was some weeks ago when gunmen abducted two Western visitors on the Kenyan coast.