Democrat gay mayor provides harmony for massive Occupy Portland

Posted Oct 14, 2011 by Nancy Houser
In a peaceful show of solidarity for Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Portland is the largest and most compliant demonstrations to date of a global movement that exhibits extreme frustration with corporate greed and a grim lack of government accountability.
Occupy Portland is a peaceful protest that began on October 6  2011 in downtown Portland  Oregon. It...
Occupy Portland is a peaceful protest that began on October 6, 2011 in downtown Portland, Oregon. It is based on the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in New York City on September 17, 2011.
Wikipedia/David Myers
The huge success of the October 6, 2011, Occupy Portland protest had to do with the current mayor of Portland, Democrat Sam Adams, an openly gay mayor who has strongly acknowledged Occupy Portland’s peaceful protest.
According to Wikipedia, Adams requested that the police make sure the event is peaceful and orderly, while simultaneously requesting that the city representatives reach out cordially to event organizers.
The city's goal was to ensure the success of a “peaceful, effective and orderly event,” a positive attitude which resulted in amicable negotiation, teamwork and peacefully finding the middle ground for all sides of the Occupy Portland demonstrations.
Sam Adams (born 1963) is an American Democrat and the current openly gay mayor of Portland  Oregon
Sam Adams (born 1963) is an American Democrat and the current openly gay mayor of Portland, Oregon
Wikipedia / Bryan Grimes, Travisthurston
Before the October 6, 2011, peaceful protest began at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Ankeny Plaza, demonstrators numbered approximately 4,000. However, by mid-afternoon over 10,000 were assembling at the Pioneer Courthouse Square, setting up encampment at the Plaza Blocks Park near Portland City Hall.
A lack of specific issues
The Portland Tribune quotes one of the protesters, “I think most of America is fed up with the way things are going,” said 56-year-old Earl Smith, who held a sign that read: “Tax the 1%ers. The rich keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer and the middle class is joining the ranks of the poor.”
Instead of focusing on a specific issue, a strong criticism by Occupy opponents, the Portland protest was less about focusing on a specific issue and more about sparking a dialogue on what they believe are the nation’s problems.
According to the Tribune, in a famous 1992 line by Bill Clinton that says it all, a middle-aged woman’s sign declared, “It’s the greed, stupid,” echoing what is thought by some to be Occupy Wall Street’s central theme: a distaste for corporate control of the nation’s government.
October 15 protest
On Saturday, October 15, Occupy Portland will be joining forces with "10 Years in Afghanistan: End the Wars – Bring our $$ Home” -- an event being planned by the Peace and Justice Works. Protesters will assemble at 12:30 p.m. at Shemansky Park, located at the South Park Blocks on Salmon with the march beginning at 1:30 p.m. and a forum being held at the 1st Unitarian Church on Southwest 12th and Main.
Protesters supporting this event are involved with the following four issues, as Occupy Portland opposes war and militarism as deep causes and recurring symptoms of a dominating corrupt system:
• Self Determination for the Middle East
• End Militarism
• Money for Jobs and Health Care
• Protect Human and Civil Rights