Authorities confiscate 44 gallons of moonshine

Posted Oct 14, 2011 by Forstine Carter
These days as most narcotics units are chasing meth and other drugs, moonshine happens to shine at the center of a recent arrest in Alabama.
Liquor being thrown out during Prohibition
A picture of liquor being thrown out by enforcement during the Prohibition era
According to WAAYTV Jackson County, Al narcotics unit confiscated 44 gallons of illegal moonshine Wednesday. Authorities got a tip earlier in the week and then arrested 46 year old Joenell Marie Craig at her home. Jackson County resident Ann Little commented that she can't believe some people are still making it. Some in the community like Crystal Knopps commented that police should place their focus on more important crimes since moon-shining is a misdemeanor. "I think its kind of funny and I think its ridiculous that they got busted considering alcohol is legal. But I think the only problem is they can't tax it," Knopps said.
According to The Daily Sentinel and Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and Alabama Beverage Control (ABC) made one arrest following a three-day investigation and are anticipating on making an additional arrest as the investigation continues.
Channel 48News reports that ABC officers retrieved four 50-gallon plastic drums, one 30-gallon plastic drum, a 17-inch television with camera mounted and a propane heating element. Craig has been released on her own recognizance pending further court action.