Surveillance tape surfaces in Baby Lisa Irwin case

Posted Oct 13, 2011 by Forstine Carter
The desperate search for missing baby Lisa Irwin continues. Meanwhile, store surveillance tapes and 911 tapes have surfaced and may help the authorities figure out what happened.
According to ABC News they have obtained some surveillance and 911 tapes that may shed light on the disappearance of baby girl Lisa Irwin.
Baby Lisa has been missing now for 10 days.
Yahoo News and Inside Edition report the video shows the mother of the missing baby girl shopping with a mystery man, not Jeremy Irwin, the missing baby's father.
The footage of the video was shot five hours before Lisa was put to bed on the night of her disappearance.
Deborah Bradley reportedly bought baby food, baby wipes and wine from Festival Foods store in Kansas, City Missouri.
As the pair left the store, the camera got a glimpse of the man's face and authorities are wondering if he could be the same man who stood shoulder to shoulder with other family members at the news conference Tuesday? Neither Lisa's mother or father attended the news conference.