Lithuanian mayor wants to buy a Greek island for tourist resort

Posted Oct 8, 2011 by Katerina Nikolas
The mayor of Lithuania's capital city, Vilnius, has come up with the suggestion of buying a Greek island as a colony that would serve as a tourist resort.
Santorini Island  Greece
Santorini Island, Greece
File photo by ehpien
There is no doubt that the Greek economy could do with the boost a cash injection would bring, and the mayor of Vilnius in Lithuania has a suggestion that would add to the coffers. Arturas Zuokas, mayor of Lithuania’s capital city, posed the wonderful idea of purchasing a Greek island for the Baltic country to use as an extra tourist resort. Instead of Lithuanians spending their vacation on foreign shores and their Lithuanian litas elsewhere, they could holiday in a Lithuanian colony sitting on a Greek island.
Private Islands Online boasts several Greek islands for sale, calling them the ultimate status symbol. There are bargains to be had for a mere $2 million, but Zuokas has his eye on something a little more expensive at around $9 million. He raised the idea during the conference of Enterprise Lithuania, according to the Baltic Course, suggesting that businesses and corporations could raise the money for an island which would then be registered as belonging to the Lithuanian government.
Naharnet report that the mayor issued a statement saying “After the island's registration by Lithuanian government, it wouldn't just be an exclusive place for rest in the Mediterranean for our citizens, but also a great global advert for Lithuania.” Zuokas said the island could “host a tourism bureau, spa, museums and theatre, as well as the residence of the Lithuanian ambassador to Greece.” The Greek island already has a new name waiting for it, Dausuva, the brainchild of Lithuanian geographer Kazys Pakstas. He first came up with the idea of Lithuanian colony which would be heaven on earth for Lithuanians, almost a century ago.
There is a slight problem though which could put an end to the dreams of Mr Zuokas. Vilnius councillor Vidas Urbonavicius said “Vilnius is deeply in debt. Zuokas simply seeks cheap attention instead of taking care of Vilnius's residents.”(Naharnet)