Op-Ed: NFL: Is Michael Vick victim of getting hit late?

Posted Oct 4, 2011 by Austin Tyler
When quarterbacks are in the pocket they are expected to be protected. The NFL is looking to keep their ‘Golden Boys’ protected by any means necessary, but when it comes to Michael Vick he seems to be the exception.
Quarterback Michael Vick running for some yards against the New York Jets
Quarterback Michael Vick running for some yards against the New York Jets
Ed Yourdon
Michael Vick is known for being an athletic and mobile quarterback that can burn you with either his laser arm or his blazing speed. When you watch Vick play on Sunday or Monday night you don’t know what he is going to do, but that is no reason to punish him. As a fan I look at it as the NFL likes their quarterbacks to just sit in the pocket and throw the ball, but that is not what Vick does.
Since Vick has been in the NFL we have watched him win games with his legs and arm. We have seen him carry teams to the playoffs with eye popping plays that make opposing defenses look like rocking chairs as he cuts back and forth. Then we watch him carve defenses up as he is able to just flick his wrist and send the ball sailing like an eagle to its perch. This is why Michael Vick should be protected like Tom Brady, Drew Bress, Peyton and Eli Manning. He should get the same flags they get. It is not his fault that they are not as athletic as he is and is a true dual threat quarter back.
I don’t solely blame the refs for this, but I also blame the Philadelphia Eagles for trying to hamper his ability to make plays with his legs. Do we not remember the commercial that came out from Nike called the ‘Michael Vick Experience’? That experience was amazing and now that he is willing to actually put in the work to be better, let him do it. Vick admitted that he basically did everything with the Atlanta Falcons off of just pure athletic ability. So imagine the Vick that was allowed to be him with the will to study film and do what is
Michael Vick
Former Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick
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necessary to prepare.
In 2004, Vick’s numbers where awesome as he 2,313 yards with 14 touchdowns and ran for 902 yards for three touchdowns. In 2006, Vick passed for 2,474 with 20 touchdowns and ran for 1039 yards and 2 touchdowns. Vick is capable of taking a team over, but in the past he did because he was basically the only player on the team. This time around he has weapons like LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, and Jeremy Maclin to help him out.
The Eagles need to allow Vick to be the Vick of old with the new talent and passion for the game he has now. There is nothing for the Eagles to do now, but sit back and let Vick be Vick. Why do I say that you ask? Because they sat back and tried to make Donovan McNabb a straight pocket passer, and look how that turned out for him. He seems scared to run now even though he is able, and they traded him away to replace him with Vick who should his mobility during games while running the ‘wildcat’.
In the end what do they have to lose, they are now 1-3 and have blown lead after lead this season so far and need to get on track before it is too late. The other thing is how safe is the pocket when you have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL? How safe is the pocket when you are getting flung into your own o-linemen who are as deep as you are on a pass? This is football, there are no safe spots on the field...except for the sidelines and endzones.