Will NJ governor Chris Christie enter the GOP presidential race?

Posted Oct 1, 2011 by Nancy Houser
Nothing has hit the news quicker than the fact New Jersey Governor Chris Christie “may” be entering the GOP presidential race, despite his continuous denials. One of the more popular men in politics, the Republican party feels Christie is the man.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with Meg Whitman
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with Meg Whitman
Of course, Christie has not said he will run, but sources close to him have stated the NJ governor is reconsidering his decision, even though nothing definite has been said yet.
According to a breaking news email from, Christie has been under intense pressure from members of the Republican Party, top GOP donors and party elders to quickly jump into the presidential race. So far, there does not seem to be a clear front-runner in the Republican field. This will definitely create an opening for the popular Christie, who is said to enjoy debating with the press corps with his characteristically blunt manner.
A year ago, Christie was reported as saying “‘short of suicide,’ he wasn’t sure what he could say to convince people that he’s not running.” But since his recent fundraising speeches, no public comments have been made and his inner circle has become quiet. Christie has been a keynote speaker at a retreat of the billionaire oil tycoon brothers, David and Charles Koch. He also held a fundraiser in California, at Meg Whitman’s home---the new CEO of Hewlet-Packard.
Meanwhile, Governor Christie’s wife has received phone calls from both Barbara Bush and Nancy Reagan, as his wife and four children weigh heavily on his final decision. Recently, it has been announced that Christie's wife, Mary Pat, will support whatever decision her husband makes. According to “Nancy Reagan Urges Christie to Run,” he is also being pressured by Henry Kissinger and President H.W. Bush, who feel that he is the only man who can beat Obama for the 2012 Presidential race.
Even though influential figures are pushing Christie hard to run and are absolutely convinced he will, a Poll Position survey showed that voters are less accepting. Thirty-six percent of Republicans will support his running, while 34% will not. Forty-one percent of Independent voters felt he should not run, while 39% said he should.
Those who do not want Christie in feels he does not have enough experience. However, he will have the surrounding of the entire Republican and Tea Party to support him. Others do not want him in as he is Big Business, seen with his association with the Koch brothers and Meg Whitman.
Obviously, we will find out this coming Monday what his position will be.