Op-Ed: Millionaires, unions and activists join Occupy Wall Street

Posted Oct 1, 2011 by Nancy Houser
It is apparent that the day of Big Business may soon be lessening its unyielding grip on greedy politicians and innocent American citizens. Unfortunately, it consists of 1% of the most powerful and controlling corporations and individuals of the world.
New York: The 99% of Americans who have seen economic situation stagnate for decades  and who bear t...
New York: The 99% of Americans who have seen economic situation stagnate for decades, and who bear the brunt of the current recession want to reclaim control over their economy and politics
UPDATE: According to Reuters, on October 1, over 700 anti-Wall Street protestors were arrested for blocking traffic lanes and attempting an unauthorized march.Similar protests are now springing up in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.
UPDATE: On Saturday, America's largest industrial union, Raw Story announced that the United Steelworkers is supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement.
“The United Steelworkers union stands in solidarity with and strongly supports Occupy Wall Street,” Leo W. Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers, said in a statement.
“The brave men and women, many of them young people without jobs, who have been demonstrating around-the-clock for nearly two weeks in New York City are speaking out for the many in our world. We are fed up with the corporate greed, corruption and arrogance that have inflicted pain on far too many for far too long.”
United Steelworkers has 850,000 members in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.
Financial slumps and economic depressions are being manipulated while Wall Street goes up and down like a yo-yo. “Occupy Wall Street is an adversary of long prevailing institution power,” wrote Glenn Greenwald in, “viewed with hostility by established institutions and their loyalists.” The majority of corporation media is treating the movement with dismissal or in a rather condescending manner. Overall, Politics stated that “the more effectively adversarial it is, the more establishment hostility it’s going to provoke.”
Vital services for struggling Americans without jobs, the elderly, the disabled and the poor heartlessly are being cut in rapid succession…without foresight or caring. The country is seeing a vicious attack on vulnerable American citizens by the GOP, long known to be a major party of Big Business or Corporate America. According to Eons, this is apparent when the Supreme Court gives power to the rich businessmen who are in control of the politics and the country’s economy.
"Republicans applauded the decision because, as the party of Big Business, they expect to be the primary beneficiary of this new corporate advertising. But doesn't it fly in the face of the so-called populist movement to which the GOP has attached itself? Doesn't this new advantage for corporate fat cats hurt the voices of "real" Americans?"
On the David Rose program on National Public Television, September 30, 2011, Warren Buffet spoke on the nation’s economy. When Rose asked Buffet about John Boehner’s remark that President Obama was pitting the classes against each other, Warren Buffet laughed and more or less said that class warfare had been going on for many years, and not because of Obama. In fact, Bloomberg has reported that President Obama is currently backed by 63% of investors who support the Buffet Rule.. This sentiment is seen across America with an increase in supporters of Occupy Wall Street, a grassroots movement against the greed of Corporate America.
Global Grind joins movement
According to ABC News, Warren Buffett called on Congress to commit to "shared sacrifice" and raise taxes on people earning more than $1 million. Buffett said the rich are "coddled" by Congress "as if we were spotted owls or some other endangered species."
Meanwhile, millionaire Russell Simmons, founder and chairman of Global Grind, recently said, “I am asking the United States government to raise my taxes.” However, Simmons went on and said, “… and not allow the Republicans to use this economic recession as an opportunity to strip the basic programs that protect our most vulnerable.”
It should come to no surprise that he would enforce this with the statement, “Today I will join in solidarity the peaceful protesters at Liberty Plaza in New York City who are “Occupying Wall Street.”
Simmons feels that corporations have more power than politicians, giving misinformation to struggling individuals using a “money grab” philosophy for more control, according to his interview on You Tube with Think Progress, who has just found out Yahoo may be filtering emails about Occupy Wall Street. Simmons feels the working class needs to become more organized to fight this type of greed, which is why he is supporting the movement on Wall Street.
Labor unions, activist and leftist groups
Labor unions, such as the IWW, and leftist groups are beginning to pay attention to Occupy Wall Street’s in lower Manhattan— proficient participants who are now joining the young people who originally began the peaceful movement against Corporate America. As expected, their efficient weapons have been Twitter and Facebook since September 17.
A quiet affair when it started, when the NYPD used blunt force against the nonviolent protestors, America and other countries sat up and took instant notice. From this point on, it looks as if we will be seeing more organized local marches, sit-ins and rallies spread across the country as the number of protestors grow. In a personal email, Natural News posted, “the People are challenging the corruption and greed of the global banking elite…”
On September 28, 2011, Village Voice reports that the Transport Workers Union voted 100% to support Occupy Wall Street, with another protest led by two CUNY professors to show solidarity against the treatment of the protestors by the NYPD, along with United Auto Workers (UAW).
The Transport Workers Union Local 100, as reported by the NYDaily News, is bringing the endorsement of 200,000 members over 22 states that shares the views of the protestors at Occupy Wall Street; “while the richest New Yorkers get tax breaks, lower-income residents are struggling financially and forced to foot the bill for Wall Street’s excesses.”
Village Voice reports, “TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen added, "We plan to be down there from now on. Previously there were individual rank and filers, but now there will be a coordinated presence from the Transport Union; we'll be joining the protest, standing in agreement and solidarity. One of the things that drew the issue to my attention is the fact that no one can get away from the fact that the richest and wealthiest folks have received a significant tax break and there have been ongoing efforts to extract concessions from public sector workers. Their formula is to give tax breaks to the rich and balance the budget on people making 50 grand a year. These folks down at Wall Street are singing the same tune as we are."
Suncadia Resort Lodge, Suncadia, Washington
Meanwhile, in Suncadia, Washington, at the Suncadia Resort Lodge , working Americans and Washington activists have joined the movement by giving every executive of the Sign Greeting Association of Washington Business policy summit an early morning wake-up call that said,
“Good morning! This is a wakeup call. While Wall Street Bankers, corporate CEOs and their lobbyists go to wine tastings, play golf and plot how to maintain special interest tax breaks, middle class and poor families are struggling to make ends meet. Today, you will notice hundreds of community members here to protest at the Showdown at Suncadia. Our message: It’s time Wall Street Banks and wealthy CEOs pay their fair share.” (New Bottom Line)
This coming Wednesday, October 5, a loose coalition of labor and community members are planning on joining Occupy Wall Street, beginning with a solidarity march starting at City Hall and finishing south of Zuccotti Park.
“It's a responsibility for the progressive organizations in town to show their support and connect Occupy Wall Street to some of the struggles that are real in the city today,” said Jon Kest, executive director of New York Communities for Change, which is helping to organize the march. “They're speaking about issues we're trying to speak about.”
We’re not down here to support Senate bill 2567. We’re beyond that. They had their chance a long time ago to try and fix this. They didn’t fix it because they’re in the pocket of these people down here on Wall Street. So this is not about supporting some piece of legislation or “let’s get behind some politician.” Mediate
"The Wall Street Occupation has become the trigger for the global awakening. If there is a moment to identify the western world's revolution, the Wall Street Occupation is it!!!'
"A shift in power is occurring and people need to be aware of it if we intend to survive it. People are tired of the financial pressures forced upon them and those in power will soon realize that the power of the people is much stronger than the power they think they have. "