Chicago restaurant cooks up world's 'largest Midwest bratwurst'

Posted Sep 19, 2011 by Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins
Chicago's Berghoff restaurant, long famous for hearty "German American" fare, grilled the world's largest bratwurst, or more precisely, the longest Midwest bratwurst, heightening the eatery's Oktoberfest's fun, while raising funds for a local charity.
On Thursday  September 15  2011 the 110-year-old Berghoff Restaurant in Chicago  Illinois  tried for...
On Thursday, September 15, 2011 the 110-year-old Berghoff Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, tried for the Guinness World Record for the Midwest’s Longest Brat, and cooked a 47-foot plus 3-inch brat at their 26th Annual Oktoberfest celebration on Federal Plaza.
The Berghoff/
On Thusday Chicago's Berghoff Restaurant succeeded in cooking up curiosity while showing off the 40-pound bratwurst that stretched 47 feet and three inches, probably setting some sort of world record, the World Records Academy reported:
The spectacularly lengthy super-sandwich was made from a beef and pork blend, and seasoned with paprika, black pepper, salt, sugar and whole marjoram.
Highland Bakery provided a 50-foot-long bun, built of 35 pounds of dough, that was carefully transported to the site in a trailer, along with (out of an a-bun-dance of caution) a backup bun.
Mercy Home for Boys and Girls CEO Father Scott Donahue measured the monstrous meal for the record world's longest Midwest brat, the charity reported.
The Guinness world record longest sausage measured 36.75 miles (59.14 km), and was made in October 2000 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK, according to Guinness Word Records that also in May 2010 recognized a longest vegetarian sausage, measuring 101 meters, according to Guinness and the blog Gutfeelings.
The restaurant's and local businesses' efforts made the national news, when the Huff Post reported -- with many puns intended -- that the meat, provided by Schmeisser’s Meats and Sausage, only took Executive Chef Mathew Reichel 30 minutes to cook on eight grills.
This sausage extravaganza was soon cut up and sold to customers at the restaurant's annual Oktoberfest celebration, according to an announcement on the Berghoff website, with proceeds donated to Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.