Ron Paul within striking distance of Obama, has Manilow support

Posted Sep 15, 2011 by Michael Krebs
The latest Reuters Ipsos poll puts Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul within striking distance of President Obama, while Grammy-winning musician Barry Manilow sings Paul's praises.
Ron Paul is running for President for 2012
Ron Paul is running for President for 2012
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Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul remains a significant Libertarian voice among the Republican Party's presidential contenders, and the latest Reuters Ipsos poll demonstrates Dr. Paul's strong appeal against President Obama.
“Our campaign has been gaining momentum for some time now, and this is yet another poll that clearly proves how competitive we are versus the President” Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton said, according to FITS News. “Dr. Paul is gaining ground in poll after poll, affirming that people are looking for real change instead of the status quo they are being offered from the establishment.”
This message does not appear to be an appeal to a fringe audience of Libertarians, as the 2012 presidential election is increasingly shaping up to be a matter of one ideological direction versus another. Within the pendulum-swinging environment, potentially toward solutions in smaller government, Congressman Paul could have much to gain.
In fact, Dr. Paul has found a voice in Grammy-winning musician Barry Manilow.
“I like him. I like what he says, I do. I like what he says. I think he’s solid,” Mr. Manilow told The Daily Caller, in a report released on Wednesday. “I agree with just about everything he says. What can I tell you?”
But Ron Paul still faces an uphill battle among the Republican establishment, many of whom reject his anti-militarism position, as reflected in the raucous boos he received at the GOP debate on Monday night in Tampa.
Texas Governor Rick Perry continues to receive the leading support from the Republican faithful, although Bloomberg reports that many Republicans reject his views. This will likely lead to trouble among Independents, a population that may find Dr. Paul's views of interest.