Pipeline fire kills up to 100 in Nairobi slum

Posted Sep 12, 2011 by Gemma Fox
Reports coming out of Kenya's capital city say that a fire in a slum area of the city has killed at least 100 people with police saying the number could rise.
A Nairobi slum
A Nairobi slum
Emergency services were called on Monday to the affected slums in Nairobi's industrial area when a huge fire hit the fuel depot at the nearby Lunga Lunga Road.
Some witnesses in the area said that there was an oil leakage coming from a pipe that feeds a petroleum depot that borders the slum area. The leak is thought to have spilled oil into an open sewer running through the slum area and it's thought that the fire was ignited when a cigarette butt was thrown into the sewer.
Local businesses were evacuated over fears that the fire would spread.
Reporters working for the Daily Nation have said that they have counted at least 73 badly burnt bodies at the scene and police have advised that the death toll could rise. A large area around the scene has been cordoned off and ambulances have left the scene ferrying injured people to local hospitals. By 1.30pm local time 112 people had been admitted to hospital suffering from 3rd degree burns.
Reuters reports that people were seen staggering from the scene badly burnt and with their skin peeling off.