Netflix's streaming service available in Mexico, Latin America Special

Posted Sep 5, 2011 by Nancy Houser
Netflix has been the largest Internet movie and TV series subscription/mail order service since 1997. Today, its online streaming is being launched in Latin America and the Caribbean for unlimited DVDs, movies and television shows.
Mail sorters put DVDs into packages to be sent out to Netflix subscribers. The company sends rental DVDs by mail, and now offers movie downloads to a set-top box.
Photo courtesy Netflix
Enjoying a service that lets you watch when, where and what you want is what Netflix is all about. Beginning in 1997 as a DVD-rent-by-mail company, Netflix has a current inventory of over five million discs for the 25 million U.S. and Canada customers they have, with over 20 regional shipping centers in the U.S. alone. Additionally, Netflix now is providing streaming to computers, game consoles and other Internet connected devices for one low price.
In a phone call to Bryan F., one of Netflix’s customer service representatives in Oregon, it looks as if September will be a busy month for them.
“Netflix is launching today in Brazil with its Portuguese version available, with anyone from Brazil able to sign up for a free, one-month trial by going to ,” Bryan said. “By September 12, Netflix will be available in 43 Latin American countries and in the Caribbean.”
He then added, “With Canada and the United States already subscribing, Netflix is looking forward to providing services to Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean in Spanish, English and Portuguese.”
According to Bryan, it sounded as if Netflix would like to eventually move into Asia, but so far nothing is definite. Everything right now is centered in Latin America and Mexico.
“On Wednesday, September 7, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay will have the Spanish version of the Netflix unlimited streaming of movie and TV shows," he added.
"On Thursday, September 8, Chile and Bolivia will have Netflix launched in their countries; on Friday, September 9, Netflix will launch in Columbia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.
Byron continued, "Then...on Monday, September 12, services will be launched for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The Caribbean will have services in English and Spanish.”
Bryan sent us their current press releases, “Netflix Arrives in Latin America and the Caribbean” and one from the Netflix blog, “Netflix launches in Latin America.” The table below was from the press release.
Country Date Price
Brazil 5.9.11 BR$14.99
Argentina 7.9.11 AR$39.00
Paraguay 7.9.11 US$7.99
Uruguay 7.9.11 US$7.99
Bolivia 8.9.11 US$7.99
Chile 8.9.11 CLP 3,790
Colombia 9.9.11 COP 14,000
Ecuador 9.9.11 US$7.99
Peru 9.9.11 US$7.99
Venezuela 9.9.11 US$7.99
Mexico 12.9.11 MX$99
Central America 12.9.11 US$7.99
Caribbean 12.9.11 US$7.99
“At this time, most services are available in Portuguese and English only,” Bryan said. He advised those who wished to sign up for Netflix’s Latin America services to please go to Netflix and leave information there about who they were and where they lived, for when the service would be available.
One of the largest global DVD movie rentals, Internet movies and TV services since 1997, Netflix is a revolutionary pioneer that is providing an affordable and easy way to choose and watch movies with extremely fast and free delivery…DVDs by mail or streaming through the Internet, or both.