Op-Ed: Trying to save money on groceries?

Posted Sep 2, 2011 by Jimmy Reilly
To say that people want to save money any way they can is an obvious statement, but if something comes along that can actually help accomplish that, then perhaps you can indulge me this one time.
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The economic mess from the last few years took its toll on my finances, and it's a pretty good but that I'm not alone. I became very tuned in to the idea of finding ways to save money. Luxuries and frivolous spending always take a back seat when times get tough, but there is no disputing that no one can do without food.
So if a deal comes along that can make buying food a little cheaper, I pay attention. Couponing is nothing new; I come from a long line of coupon clippers. I spent a little time watching the Extreme Couponing program on TLC, after I heard stories about people getting as much as $500 in groceries for next to nothing. The problem for me was, the story wasn't exactly accurate. True, clipping the coupons and making purchases following the guideline of the show could work, but the method wasn't what I'd call practical. After all, I really didn't have the need to fill my pantry with 1000 bottles of water or 250 rolls of toilet paper, even if they were essentially free.
I've subscribed to a number of coupon website, where I did find some good deals., are a couple of websites that offer some decent coupons, although a great many of the coupon websites essentially offer the same exact coupons.
Today, Fox featured an article by Tech Guru Kim Komando. The article highlighted a new program called, and I thought I would check it out.
To put it nicely, for this writer, the experience was a complete bust. While the registration process was quick and easy, that was where the fun ended for me. The site asked for my zip code, and then compiled a list of grocers in my area. I was asked to choose my favorite store from the list, and then indicate others in my area that I might also consider. Seemed easy enough. But when my choices were entered and my profile updated, the site returned the following result:
Unfortunately, current specials are not yet available for these retailers. Please check back later as we are constantly updating the site. There are other stores you haven't selected, you may want to try updating the stores selected in your profile.
I'm not quite ready to dismiss this site as another dismal waste of time. Komando's article indicated that the site is new, and I think it shows some promise. So while today's result was less than spectacular, I intend to give them some time and I'll follow up when I feel enough time has elapsed.
I have no affiliation with the site whatsoever. This is an objective look at a site I believe might prove useful.