Sewage foam covers reporter covering Irene

Posted Aug 28, 2011 by Gar Swaffar
Some people who work at journalism are more committed to the job than others, and some of those people are truly more committed than I.
Tucker Barnes  reporter from WTTG-TV  is getting covered with the remnants of raw sewage as he provi...
Tucker Barnes, reporter from WTTG-TV, is getting covered with the remnants of raw sewage as he provides hurricane report from Ocean City, Md.
At a seawall in Ocean City, Maryland a reporter, Tucker Barnes, was covering the effects of Irene at the Boardwalk while he was being inundated by sea foam being blown over the seawall by the winds from hurricane Irene.
While on air doing his live update report he noted that the sea foam had a sandy consistency and "I can tell you first-hand, it doesn't smell great."
And it should come as no surprise that the foam had an unpleasant taste, since the foam as reported on MYFOXNY was in all likelihood the result of raw sewage running into the ocean during the storm. At the very least the sea foam is the result of various organic materials being swept into the ocean, which would perhaps include the bodies of dead animals and any other oily substances, pollution or cyanobacteria. (split link)
I freely admit that Tucker Barnes has a greater commitment to journalism than I do. I admit that being deluged in "sea foam" during a storm, knowing that there must be raw sewage pouring out to sea because of the storm is probably more than I'm willing to go through, even for the few minutes of fame of being broadcast across the country.
Hat tip to Tucker Barnes, you sir, have out-manned me this time.