Hurricane Irene in Monmouth County, NJ Special

Posted Aug 28, 2011 by Jimmy Reilly
Hurricane Irene has all but left New Jersey. She won't soon be forgotten as she left various levels of damage in her wake.
My street`
My street`
As I looked around Howell New Jersey this morning, it was almost as if there were two or three different weather occurrences here. The levels of damage vary almost street to street.
This is the view up my own street, where there are some downed trees visible. Power outages in the area are sporadic, again the affected areas sometimes separated by a few feet.
The winds were very strong for most of the overnight hours and the rain was steady and heavy until sometime after 6 AM local time.
just a local view
just a local view
There are four reported storm-related fatalities.
In Edison, NJ a 74-year-old man died from a heart attack in his flooded basement.
A firefighter died in Princeton during a water rescue.
A Kearny man drowned, but there were few details available at the moment.
And in Salem County, a woman called 911 after her car was swept away by flood waters. Her body was found about 9:30 AM.
And of course, on Facebook and other social media, the rumors were flying as quickly as the storm debris. One particularly interesting tidbit was reporting that "Kingda Ka", a large roller coaster at the Six Flags "Great Adventure" theme park, had toppled. That rumor was fully put to rest this morning by officials at Six Flags, who posted an update on the company's Facebook page.
The clean-up will commence within a few hours. I'll report more as I can.