Chavez supporters shave hair in solidarity

Posted Aug 23, 2011 by Samuel Okocha
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez got a seemingly unusual support in his fight against cancer after supporters shaved their heads in solidarity with the leader.
Late Venezuelan president Chavez remembered worldwide
Late Venezuelan president Chavez remembered worldwide
Miraflores Palace / Handout
According to the Associated Press, several men with at least one woman had their heads shaved while worshipers took part in a religious song during a church service Sunday.
"We're Christians. Christ unites us," AP quoted Chavez as saying in a speech in which he noted others had decided to join him and "change their look."
The President of the South American nation himself keeps a permanent skin level hair due to the hair-loss effects from his chemotherapy treatment.
Chavez said he may undergo a third round of chemotherapy in the coming days but added "I no longer feel sick … I'm convalescing from the illness I had."
The Venezuelan president who has personally taken the responsibility to provide the public with updates on his health said his political opponents were bent on knowing the identities of his doctors.
"I'm not going to expose my doctors to the ridicule," Chavez who has been president since 1999 said. He added that his opponents "would be capable of anything."