Three-bedroom house complete with skeleton for sale in Sweden

Posted Aug 19, 2011 by Abigail Prendergast
A home in Sweden is up for sale, and has a highly unique room-mate - a centuries-old skeleton that lives in the basement.
Human skeleton
File photo of a skeleton.
A real estate agent in Sweden has quite the offer: a charming home dating back to 1750. Located in Visby, on the Baltic Sea of Gotland, the house even comes with a resident that never moved out. That person is a skeleton which is able to be seen though glass in the basement.
The price for the three-bedroom house starts at 4.1m Kronor ($640,000 in U.S. Currency). The domicile was constructed over the foundations of a Russian church which saw its last tenants during the Middle Ages.
“It's harder to get closer to history,” the BBC reports real estate agent Leif Bertwig said when it came to the dwelling - according to the Swedish website Helagotland.
The house is on a farm which shares part of its property with two other homes close-by. These houses also have access to the basement which can be gotten to via a spiral staircase in the courtyard the website also reports.
There is even a local museum that organizes the occasional tour set to visit the remains of the medieval resident left behind in the cellar.