Yelp review site grades prisons

Posted Aug 16, 2011 by KJ Mullins
The website Yelp allows users to give their opinion on local businesses and one of the more popular businesses to get grades are prisons. In New York Riker's Island is the top of the list with 4.5 stars.
Riker s Island
Riker's Island
the United States Geological Survey
Some of the prison reviews appear to be from jokers but others are from those who have served time behind bars.
Riker's has three reviews, mostly tongue in cheek like Albert W.'s comment of 'Free proctology and/or gynocological examines nightly. Rikers 2 Yelp 0.'
San Quentin State Prison only gets 2.5 stars from the 27 who reviewed the facility. A family member of a prisoner said that a staff member was rude on the phone but officers at the prison were helpful.
According to another family member reviewer visitors are locked in with Death Row. Visitors are allowed long visits and there are vending machines available for snacks. Zakk D. writes, "Its a much friendly place than High Desert, and yes, they have a real, operating Death Row here. My personal political support for it aside, they still don't have it that bad in there. Two of my uncles got thet GED's here, one is head of the carpentry shop and it gives him something to do and to be proud of, which is tough in a place like this."
Yelp isn't the only social media site online that has room for prisons, foursquare lets its users show which correctional facility they are hanging out at too.