Illinois mothers attempt to break the world breastfeeding record

Posted Aug 6, 2011 by Christopher Bates
According to numerous sources, mothers from Illinois are planning to break the world breastfeeding record on Saturday morning.
Chicago: Millennium Park.
Chicago: Millennium Park.
City of Chicago
The event - which is being sponsored by La Leche League USA (LLLUSA) - is part of the World Health Organization’s World Breastfeeding Week.
Mothers are expected to gather in Chicago's Millennium Park, while other mothers from around the world are also expected to join in with the attempt.
The current record was set back in October 2010, when 9,826 nursing mothers were recorded at 325 sites in 16 countries.
When speaking to WLS Radio, "Big Latch-On" coordinator Annie Brown, said: "I would like every baby to have access to its mother’s milk, to change the environment in the U.S. as being a bottle feeding culture. To change the culture so that breast feeding is normal.”
A participant added: “I think that because people are so uptight about that (mothers breastfeeding in public), they are so used to seeing babies being fed by a bottle, we are really a bottle feeding culture.”