NFL lockout ends

Posted Jul 25, 2011 by Luke Vermeer
The NFL Players Association unanimously voted in favor of the most recently proposed labor deal ending the nearly five-month long lockout.
flickr/ jonathan_moreau
The end of the lockout has been rumored for weeks but finally came to an official end on Monday as the players followed the example of the owners and ended what was a tumultuous few months.
The deal will last for ten more seasons and both the players and the league are optimistic that this deal will work out better for both sides than the last one.
"It's been a long time coming. Football is back, and that's great news for everybody," said Commissioner Roger Goodell in a joint news conference run by the NFL and the NFLPA.
The NFL owners ratified the deal last Thursday with a 31-0 vote, the Oakland Raiders being the only team to abstain from the vote, and the players were expected to confirm the deal soon after but initial reactions to the deal were mixed. Players complained that there were changes to the wording in sections but after reviewing the document further were satisfied with it and voted 32-0 to approve it.
It is expected that the NFLPA will re-certify as early as Friday which would allow for free agency to open on Saturday and the NFL's training camp and exhibition schedule to move forward on time with the only casualty being the annual Hall-of-Fame exhibition game, this year between the Rams and Bears.