Work of art destroyed at outdoor exhibition

Posted Jul 24, 2011 by Lynn Curwin
A work of art being displayed at an outdoor exhibition in Scotland was torn from the trees where it had been hanging, and destroyed.
Over Here
Over Here
The piece, called "Over Here", was part of a display at Jupiter Artland, on the grounds of Bonnington Estate, in Edinburgh.
It was created by Shane Waltener, and its value was estimated to be between £40,000 and £50,000 ($65,000 - $81,000).
The Jupiter Artland website describes the work as a: "Web of 400 cm diameter. Knitted with circular knitting needles and four strands of multi-coloured fishing line, using a technique inspired by Shetland lace."
It was torn from the trees where it had been hanging and stretched out of shape.
"This has been a mindless act of wanton destruction that has resulted in one artist's creation being completely destroyed," stated a Lothian and Borders Police spokesman.
The Edinburgh Evening News reported that Waltener, who was touring Australia when the artwork was destroyed, spoke at the launch of the exhibit, saying: "This knitted web gives the viewer an opportunity to reflect on his or her position within the woodland area, the wood itself, and the surrounding landscape.
"It is a device for seeing. Walking alongside the piece and looking through the eye of the web, different elements come to the viewer's attention."
Jupiter Artland is a non-profit garden located on the grounds of Bonnington House.
Additional photos of "Over Here" can be seen on the Scotsman and BBC websites.