Op-Ed: How Obama and Prince Philip planned the East African famine

Posted Jul 23, 2011 by Alexander Baron
If you thought the Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists were living in cloud cuckooland, you haven’t heard of Lyndon LaRouche.
Lyndon H. LaRouche  Jr.
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Lyndon LaRouche has been denounced as an anti-Semite, a Fascist, and a Nazi, among other things. When the mass media and people in high places never have a good word to say about you, you are probably doing something right, as undoubtedly he is. Is LaRouche a bigot? Certainly not, but he is, well, crazy.
The latest offering of the Lyndon LaRouche organisation is a video that explains the real reason for the current famine in the Horn of Africa: British Imperialism. The British Empire may have crumbled with the trifle, but in the LaRouche fantasy land, the British agent Henry Kissinger reports to the Queen’s Consort on how to depopulate the planet to make way for the coming New World Order, and their latest puppet is none other than President Obama, who is seen as the second coming of Adolf Hitler.
LaRouche supporters in Chicago  2007.
LaRouche supporters in Chicago, 2007.
Andrew Ciscel
It remains to be seen what self-confessed Nazi Harold Covington and other Edgar Steele supporters make of that. And what of Britain rather than Uncle Sam controlling the world? Yeah, there was that little matter of 1776, and the Yanks did save our bacon in 1917, and later after Pearl Harbor in World War Two when retorts that their troops were “Overpaid, over-sexed and over here” were rebuffed with cries of “Underpaid, under-sexed and under Eisenhower”, and even regular conspiracy theorists like A.K. Chesterton, insider Professor Quigley and (the reluctant conspiracy theorist) Antony C. Sutton conceded that at some point in the Twentieth Century the nexus of power had shifted from the City of London to Wall Street, but none of that cuts any ice with the Larouchies.
So what is actually going on in the Horn of Africa right now, and where does Prince Philip come in? It is well known that the Duke of Edinburgh – to give him his other title – is an avid supporter of conservation including the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace. He is one of these foolish people who makes the “ridiculous claim” that the world is overpopulated: him, Bill Gates, and a few million others. It is questionable though if the Duke, or his son Prince Charles – another avid conservationist – is really committed to reducing the technological progress of mankind in order to thin out the population. It is also questionable if the world and more especially Africa is underpopulated, and that natural resources are infinite; haven’t they heard of Professor Bartlett who has been warning us for years that natural resources are most definitely not infinite, that the Cornucopians are wrong, and that unless we reduce population growth soon, Nature will do it for us, in short, unless we act and act now, we are all doomed? Evidently not.
The technological optimism of the LaRouchites is sadly misplaced, but they are not wrong about everything. The Green Movement, or rather the Deep Greens, do espouse an anti-human ideology as they claim. And they are certainly right about the bail out, this does not benefit the average American or the average anyone, but a small group of financial parasites, the international finance houses, and the people who control the banking system.
It remains to be seen though if Obama’s subservience to them is because he has been selected as their new front man, as some conspiracy cranks believe of Adolf Hitler, and it is even more doubtful if he is either taking orders from or is in cahoots with, Prince Philip.