Op-Ed: Beware the 'femme fatale' – Britney exposed herself to me

Posted Jul 22, 2011 by Alexander Baron
Earlier this week, the “Daily Mail” reported the humorous case of a law suit that has been filed against the singer Britney Spears, but it had better beware how it reports a legal case involving another young woman.
Britney Spears
Singer Britney Spears
Photo by EuPaparazzi
Britney Spears shot to fame in the late 1990s; youthful, blonde, desirable, the singer was every man’s dream. Well, maybe Elton John and George Michael could resist her charms, but not a younger audience. Later it transpired that she couldn’t sing so well, and that a lot of the time she didn’t actually sing at all, but it was her personal problems following her failed marriage that really drew the headlines.
Her ex-husband was awarded custody of their two young sons for undisclosed reasons, though clearly the court felt she was an unfit mother. In spite of attempts in some quarters to make light of it, her deterioration was painful to watch as she was committed to a psychiatric hospital and ruled unfit even to control her own finances, her father being granted power of attorney over her estate.
Although she appears to have made a remarkable recovery – apart from her singing – she remains fair game for any media pundit or chancer to depict as mad, deranged, neurotic, and to a variety of other things, including extracting money from her. According to Wednesday’s Daily Mail, her former bodyguard Fernando Flores wants a piece of the action; he is reportedly suing her for $10 million dollars for “psychological damages” after she subjected him to “’unwanted’ sexual advances”, specifically that she “continuously exposed herself and attempted to lure him into bed”.
Fernando? No, not that Fernando! Unwanted sexual advances, wasn’t that in the job description? Heck, didn’t you realise guy, that was a fringe benefit?
Britney is also said to have “disgusting hygiene habits and used drugs”. Maybe he was confusing her with a friend of the aforementioned Elton John, the infamous Dirty Little Girl from his ...Yellow Brick Road album?
It remains to be seen how far this action will progress, but one thing is certain, if Fernando succeeds in extracting any money at all from Miss Spears, it will be considerably less than $10 million.
Britney is currently on her Femme Fatale tour; in spite of its sensationalist title, the Daily Mail article is a balanced report containing not only the detailed claims of Mr Flores but the bland denials of Miss Spears’ lawyer.
The same paper also reports on another young woman who will now be appearing in court tomorrow. This evening, the nurse who was arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with the apparent sabotaging of medical equipment at a Stockport hospital, was charged.
Rebecca Leighton is accused of three counts of causing criminal damage with intent to endanger life; three counts of being reckless to whether life was being endangered; and one count of theft of medicine from the hospital.
At the moment, the police have confirmed five suspicious deaths, but this is an ongoing investigation, and security at Stepping Hill Hospital has not been relaxed.
A number of photographs of Miss Leighton have been published in the wake of her arrest, and a number of statements have been made in defence of her by people who know her, but just in case the Daily Mail or any other tabloid doesn’t get the message, we need mention only two words: Chris Jefferies.