Op-Ed: The Debt Ceiling, How Republicans Need to Save Themselves

Posted Jul 21, 2011 by Kelly Bowlin
As the debt-ceiling deadline looms, Republicans need to step the plate and save themselves. Contrary to popular rhetoric, the current debt crisis is not the fault of Democrats or Republicans. It’s the economy stupid!
In 2008 when the world banking system was on the verge of collapse, both presidential candidates, Republican and Democrat went groveling to Washington at the behest of Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke. Their importunate was that if congress didn’t approve the $800 billion bailout, the world’s financial system would collapse.
There were several reasons why the sky was gonna fall, but the biggest, baddest, and deadliest was the result of the unprecedented, demurely dangerous, and decidedly diabolical, derivative weapons of mass financial destruction. No, it wasn’t Republicans and it wasn’t Barack Obama. It wasn’t health care or illegal immigrants, or left-wing this, or right-wing that. It was Wall Street. The greed mongering, suspender wearing, Gordon-Gekko-wannabee’s of Manhattan.
Want to know where we maxed out our metaphorical national credit card? Look at B of A, J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and AIG.
The Second Cause of the Debt Ceiling Crisis
The United States is fighting three wars it cannot afford, cannot win, and cannot justify any further! These are “The Afghanistan Police Patrol”, “The Iraq Mystery Protectorate”, and “The “Billion Dollar Bore on Drugs.” Whether they’re right or wrong isn’t so much the point anymore. We’re not talking about swastika-wearing, goose-stepping goons marching in our back yard. Spare me the Vietnam moment. We’re simply talking about things we can’t afford. If our debate is truly that we’ll start bouncing checks if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, we have no choice but to end the conflicts that are bleeding us dry. Note to Tea Party activists: it ain’t health care, or government hand-outs, or food stamps or welfare programs that are causing this calamity. They’re peanuts by comparison! It makes for great conservative talk radio, and opportunistic, stump-humping, but if you want to end the debt crisis, stop spending money right now, on wars we cannot afford. Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, or a pontificating northern Governor, check your sanity at the press conference, and raise the debt ceiling, and then start figuring out who to blame.
Final Note to Republicans
I know you hate to look at these things, but the debt ceiling under George Bush went from 6 trillion in 2003 to 10 trillion at the beginning of 2009. And that was during economic prosperity! Now you’re pissed off that you’ve gotta raise the ceiling to 14 trillion. Got news, our economy is a whole lot worse, and started tanking when you were in office, and we’re still fighting the three wars you were fighting back then. Get over it. Quit posturing and save the country from a needless, financial Armageddon.