For Bradley Cooper, his career and life looks ‘Limitless’ Special

Posted Jul 17, 2011 by Earl Dittman
Want to become rich and famous overnight? Take a pill just like the one superstar actor Bradley Cooper's character does in his latest film ‘Limitless’ (soon on Blu-ray/DVD) and experience the pros and cons that accompany instant riches and fame.
Bradley Cooper in the film  Limitless
Bradley Cooper in the film 'Limitless'
Becoming an instant movie star can change an actor's world -- not just almost overnight, but in ways you couldn't imagine -- much like Brad Cooper's in Limitless. Of course, Cooper had to go through years of acting on television in an action-packed series like Alias to landing hilarious, secondary, funny man roles in such films as The Hangover and The Hangover 2 to become the A-list movie star he has now become. But, what if he could have become that rich and famous star by just taking a pill? One such pill does exists, but it's just in in his recent film, Limitless.
In the Limitless, Cooper portrays Eddie, a burnt-out actor who is given a strange/mysterious that unleashes the complete, 100 percent of his brain's capacity. The top secret pill's effects are amazing -- giving him mind-bending talents that include millions of dollars, dozens of gorgeous babes and a handful of dangerous people who want to possess the amazing drug. Directed by Neil Burger, written by Leslie Dixon and co-starring Abbie Cornish, Robert De Niro and Anna Friel, Bradley Cooper's performance in Limitless is proof that he is as brilliant a dramatic actor as he is a hysterical Hangover comedian.
You're wearing a great sweater.
"Thank you."
Do you know who designed it?
"I don't know. I'm not sure. And, you have a cool hat, too."
What grabbed you about your character?
"I liked a guy who goes from complacency to power. And then, what he does with that power, that's cool. And what was this guy up to. But I liked playing the old Eddie. And would lament the days when the wig wasn't there! He becomes like a Wall Street suit."
Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro in the film  Limitless
Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro in the film 'Limitless'
If you could take a pill like that which would make your powers limitless, would you still have become an actor?
"Um, you know I've obviously thought about this. I think for sure, I would definitely try to learn as many languages as I could right away, I think. And I would probably after that, much like he did, learn as many instruments as I could. And after that, I don't know. But I would probably try to get as much money as I could, to go around everywhere. But it would be incredible, to just start jamming with all these musicians."
After that?
"Um, I don't know what I would do after that. But I would still be an actor! And a director. You know, I would finally start getting off my ass and facing the fear. Because all I really want to do, is direct movies. I just haven't done it."
What turned you on most about this movie?
"I enjoyed the aspect of the drug. I tend to speak very fast, so I loved all these succinct paragraphs that just come out, that I had to memorize and speak. And I loved doing that, I loved that experience."
Bradley Cooper and Abbie Cornish in the film  Limitless
Bradley Cooper and Abbie Cornish in the film 'Limitless'
Would any kind of enhancement drug like that be anything you'd be interested in taking?
How do you feel about the real stuff available to kids, like Adderall and Ritalin?
"Oh, that I don't know anything about that. But this movie is what it is. I didn't set out to do that as an actor. I found this to be a compelling story about power, how you use it and treat it with respect, and what you do with power, much more than about drugs."
Your character turns into a cleanliness freak after taking the drug. Are you a cleanliness freak like him?
"Environment is huge for me. But sometimes I like being in complete chaos, and sometimes I like it to be clean. But it's not one thing all the time."
Bradley Cooper in the film  Limitless
Bradley Cooper in the film 'Limitless'
Do you get the same adrenaline rush from acting as you would from a drug like that?
"Um...I forgot your question. (laughs) Obviously not on the drug! No, I'm not on NZT right now! But acting does feel like I'm on a drug. But on NZT, I wasn't high, I wasn't wired, I just knew how to do it. And the ability to focus, almost laser focus, in all these different directions. A the same time. But the nugget of truth -- it's love. I have to love something in order to have it mean something to me."
With the first Hangover, you suddenly became a sex symbol. How are you feeling about that now?
"With a lucrative movie like that, comes a higher profile. So you have the paparazzi, that was a new thing for me. And you just have to learn to navigate that. And the great part, is that I was able to do a movie like Limitless. And maybe I wouldn't have been hired to do it, if I hadn't been a part of Hangover, which was so successful."
Is it true that you once wanted to be a chef instead?
"Yes! I love cooking. But I was more interested to play a chef, than to be a chef! So I think that told me early on, that acting was the way I wanted to go."
Bradley Cooper in  Limitless
Bradley Cooper in 'Limitless'
That should come in handy with your wedding.
"That's very true. Yeah..."
There are rumors that you'll be working with Charlie Sheen on Hangover 2. Confirm or deny.
" Um, well unless they have a time machine and we can go back to Bangkok, my understanding is that we already filmed that movie! So that's an interesting rumor to start spreading,'d have to be part of the Starship Enterprise in order to make that happen!"
Would you want to work with him?
"Yeah, sure."
Did you ever feel down and out like Eddie does at the beginning of Limitless?
"Sure. Oh, absolutely. As a human being, yeah. Sure. If anybody's in touch with themselves. I mean, do you feel worthless at points in your life and things aren't happening the way you want them to? Yeah. Sure."
Has that happened to you at times in your career?
"Oh, of course."
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