UN admits South Sudan as 193rd member

Posted Jul 14, 2011 by John Louie S. Ramos
Following the official declaration of its independence, the Republic of South Sudan was admitted by the United Nation's General Assembly as its 193rd member on Thursday.
Salva Kiir Mayardit  President of the Government of Southern Sudan  speaks to news reporters  outsid...
Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Government of Southern Sudan, speaks to news reporters, outside the Security Council chamber, at UN Headquarters in New York.
Jenny Rockett
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described the proclamation of the UN assembly vote as a "historic and joyous moment." The Republic of South Sudan became the first country to join the UN since Montenegro's admission in 2006.
After years of conflict with neighboring country North Sudan, South Sudan achieved its independence on Saturday, following a national referendum in January that saw the people's clamor for the separation of the troubled African country.
Among the dignitaries present at the UN assembly in Juba, South Sudan’s capital city, were US-UN Ambassador Susan Rice, North Sudan President Omar al-Bashir, Ki-moon and Colin Powell, the US’ Secretary of State in 2005 when the Bush administration helped negotiate a peace deal between the North and South Sudan.
Despite its oil-rich territories, South Sudan ranks among the world's poorest and underdeveloped countries and is expected to be at the receiving end of foreign and International aid.