Brazilian named 'Magnet Boy' after discovering strange talent

Posted Jul 9, 2011 by Christopher Bates
In a very strange discovery, a Brazilian boy has been given the name 'Magnet Boy' after realizing that metal objects stick to his skin.
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Paolo David was nonchalantly fetching a knife and fork for his dad before they stuck to his torso.
The 11-year-old has also carried scissors, spoons and large casserole pots.
David is said to be perfectly healthy, although there is no explanation for his ability.
Originating from Rio Grande do Norte state in eastern Brazil, David has become a local celebrity. "In school, everyone asks me to put things on my body, they think it is a trick," he said.
Amazingly, this isn't the first case of magnetic mayhem. Earlier this year it was reported that Ivan Stoiljkovic - a six-year-old Croatian, has the same ability of carrying items on his torso.
Stoiljkovic's list includes spoons, mobile phones and frying pans. His family says he can carry a total of 25kg in metal.
And if that isn't enough for you to digest, throw Brenda Allison into the mix. The 50-year-old was cited last year for attracting both magnetic and non-magnetic objects.
Allison's body also interferes with car alarms and TV signals, although she finds it highly embarrassing.