John Legend sued for allegedly stealing song

Posted Jul 8, 2011 by Abigail Prendergast
Singer-songwriter John Legend is being sued by another musician who claims the smooth crooner stole the song "Maxine's Interlude" from him. Anthony Stokes is now seeking compensation among other things from Legend.
A New Jersey-based singer named Anthony Stokes has both accused and filed a lawsuit against Grammy award winning singer-songwriter, John Legend. Stokes is suing the 32-year-old musician and actor for infringement of copyright, accusing him of exploitation and stealing a song he claimed to write for his 2006 compilation, Once Again. Stokes said he entrusted Legend with a demo of his in 2004, but never received word about it. Two years later Legend released a love song sounding eerily similar to the demo.
The song in question is “Maxine’s Interlude” which Stokes said was ripped off from his own track “Where Are You Now?” In addition to going after Legend for recompense, the Garden state musician is also making the effort to get sales of Legend’s album with the song on it, Once Again blocked. Stokes also said he had his demo registered with the United States Copyright Office in 2004, and the reasoning behind not taking action until five years after the release of “Interlude” is a mystery.
Stokes also stated that he met Legend face-to-face while he was studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill back in 2004. The smooth, soulful musician was performing at a homecoming event, and Stokes was with a group of fans who remained after the show in order to get Legend’s autograph.
The lawsuit, which was filed in court on July 5th contains photographs of Stokes’ meeting with Legend and he is demanding the aforementioned reparations and album barring along with a portion of Once Again's profits.