Filipino 'Queers and Trans' Form Vanguard of Gay Pride Parade Special

Posted Jul 3, 2011 by Romeo Marquez
A contingent of Filipino queers and transgenders formed the vanguard of Sunday's gay pride parade in Toronto, perhaps the first time they publicly came out of the closet.
Under the heat of the sun  this Filipino participant wears traditional Philippine dress.
Under the heat of the sun, this Filipino participant wears traditional Philippine dress.
Waving Philippine flags and dressed in traditional Filipino women's clothing, they backstopped Angie Umbac, legal rights activist, who is this year's International Grand Marshal (IGM)
Though only a handful, they were the spearhead of the kilometres-long parade and even managed to march the distance in long gowns, well-coiffed hair and high heels.
They were easily a crowd favorite.
Umbac's appointment as IGM was part of Pride Toronto's effort to highlight the prevalance of queer and trans human rights issues, according to a press statement from the organization.
Umbac received two gender awards from the Philippine Civil Service Commission for championing gender and development issues in her personal and professional life.
She is director for human rights of Libertas, a Manila-based network of reform-minded lawyers and legal professionals committed to the promotion of human rights and peace, rule of law and acess to justice, transparency and accountability in government, and democratic reform.
Filipino participants spearhead Sunday s gay pride parade.
Filipino participants spearhead Sunday's gay pride parade.