Op-Ed: Obedient Wives Club

Posted Jun 18, 2011 by Joie Maccarone
Obedient Wives Club sounds like a heading for a Woody Allen dark romantic-comedy flick. The theme would be about husbands curbing “domestic violence and prostitution by teaching women to keep men happy in the bedroom.”
It would be hilarious. However, since we, in the Western world have been forced to consider the sensitivity of cultures and religious groups other than our own, such a movie would be seen as offensive to an entire group and not just to the select few who are the direct target of any insult. But I won’t go into the politics of free speech because freedom of expression has become something of the past. Afterall the days of George Carlin, and Richard Pryor are long gone. But I digress; therefore, I’ll fast forward into the present century, and say what is permissible.
In Malaysia a small group of small-minded men from the Muslim community formed a rather ludicrous group known as the 'Obedient Wives Club' whose sole purpose is to have their spouses willingly become sex slaves. These manipulative and conniving creatures are attempting to convince their wives that if they become club members that their chances of being beaten into submission would be greatly reduced if only they would perform like “first-class prostitutes.” Also these hopeless excuse of medieval males are hoping to sway their wives by implicating that if they choose to be obedient, that they’d wouldn’t need to worry about them straying into the black satin sheets of lustrous woman. What these selfish bastards actually mean, is that if their wives comply with their crude request that they won’t need to pay for sex. No, instead they want to cheapen their wives into it.
Fortunately, I find I am not alone in viewing these men as nothing more than a group of misogynistic, despicable and insecure men who are attempting to use their male privileges to further dominate and demean their wives.
The BBC reports: ‘The human rights Human rights groups and religious officials have dismissed the club as an insult to both men and women.’ And according to the report it would seem that Kazakhstan’s minister for women Shahrizat Abdul Jalis is concerned that this group would only serve to give Islam and the country a bad name, which is certainly something they don’t need. BBC also reports club organizers hope to expand their membership across South East Asia. I hardly doubt they will make it that far for they haven’t got a sexy leg to stand on. So how about it Woody? Would you brave a fatwa for your creative genius in mirroring society’s idiosyncrasies?