Woman gets social with Facebook tattoo

Posted Jun 7, 2011 by Stephanie Medeiros
In weird and interesting news, a YouTube video shows a young woman getting a tattoo of all of her friends' profile pictures on Facebook down her entire arm.
Tattoos have become a vanity statement among all sorts of people, some with deeper meaning while others have a "shock and awe" value.
Celebrities such as T-Pain have shown their love for Facebook and dozens of pictures can be found online of people's tattoos ranging from video-games to tech-related companies like Apple and Microsoft.
However, unlike T-Pain's tattoo, this woman has gone the extra mile and can be seen in her YouTube video getting an entire sleeve done with pictures from her friends' Facebook profiles--all 152 of them.
The sleeve tattoo shows neatly fitted rows of profile pictures, the end result almost looking surreal with its hyper-realistic design.
MSN reports that the woman is from the Netherlands and said about the tattoo on her YouTube page: "After months of work I want to show you all my social Tattoo. Pretty amazing right? I'm really proud of it. Hope you like it too!"
Covered also by Mashable, people commented on the video and joked about the reasoning behind getting a Facebook-themed tattoo. One commenter pointing out, "I hate to think about the tattoo removal pains and costs when she decides to unfriend someone." While others warned that getting such a tattoo could stop her from getting a job.
The video has already attracted a little over 13,000 views within the week it was posted.