Hugh Hefner re-launches Playboy in London after 30 years

Posted Jun 4, 2011 by Lewis McCathie
After shutting the door on his Playboy empire in London thirty years ago, Hugh Hefner is set re-launch the Playboy business by opening an exclusive new club in London tonight.
Hugh Hefner  Man of the Century
Hugh Hefner, Man of the Century
The Sun reports that despite it being times of economic hardship for the British, Hefner is convinced his new Playboy Club will be a success in Old Park Lane, London.
Daily Mail states that for those who can afford it, adults can enjoy the 'adult's playground' which involves a casino, Playboy restaurant, slot machines and of course gorgeous girls in bunny costumes serving as waitresses.
Tonight's re-launch has been met by criticism from feminist groups, who argue that this is too demeaning to women.
Anna van Heeswijk, campaigns manager for one of the groups, Object, said: 'The Playboy Club degrades women as fluffy animals who are marketed as sexual playthings for wealthy men.
"There's nothing classy and sophisticated about sexualising and objectifying women as bunny rabbits.
"It is not sexual liberation to serve men when you’re dressed in bunny ears and a fluffy tail. It’s the sexual fantasy of an 85-year-old man."
Critics remain skeptical as to whether Hefner can pull this off and return to the golden Playboy years of the sixties.