Full scholarship at Harvard awaits for Colombian science student

Posted Jun 3, 2011 by Christopher Bates
When the stresses and strains of life get to us, we often want to give up, but if Carolina Salguero's story is anything to go by, it proves that we should never stop chasing our dreams.
Hunter College
Hunter College
Carolina Salguero came to the United States from Colombia when she was just 16-years-old, with only one dream - to study science.
Sent by her parents in search of a better life, Salguero barely spoke a word of English. Now, 28-years-old, she holds a double major in biochemistry and economics from Hunter College - an institution of the City University of New York.
The Colombian has no intentions of stopping just yet. A full scholarship at Harvard University awaits, where she will spend six years in hope of earning two master's degrees and a doctorate in public health and molecular biology.
In possession of her degree, Carolina said: "I never gave up on science. I am really excited I made it. I am what I wanted to be. Dreams do come true. You've just got to work hard at it. I've just never given up on trying to become my dream."