Schwarzenegger's mistress wants to sue Entertainment Tonight

Posted May 27, 2011 by Owen Weldon
Mildred Patty Baena, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former mistress, is apparently threatening to sue “Entertainment Tonight” because of an interview her ex-husband gave to them.
Rogelio, Baena’s ex, appeared on the show on Tuesday, and he said the love child situation is just a betrayal. Rogelio said that Patty led him on and made him believe that he was the father of the love child, up until just one week ago, according to TMZ.
Patty’s legal team said that they can actually prove that Rogelio knew he was not the father, and that he always knew this. They say that Rogelio was not even in the country when the child was conceived and that he returned to America after Patty was pregnant.
According to Eonline, the letter also says that Rogelio never even paid child support for the child that he thought was his. The letter also says that Rogelio has a history of infidelity, and that he took off on his wife, abandoning her.
According to TimesofIndida, Rogelio was paid a six figure check to give an interview to the show. The legal team also claims that Rogelio was living in Columbia and that “E.T.” paid him to come to America and lie on TV. Patty’s lawyers say they want a retraction and an apology, or Patty will seek legal action against the show.
Arnold was having an affair with Patty, while Patty was a housekeeper at Arnold’s home. She eventually gave birth to Arnold’s son, and Arnold kept it a secret for 14 years.