Gambler claims he won $15 million in blackjack

Posted May 25, 2011 by Owen Weldon
A blackjack player from Pennsylvania says that he is the person who has won around $15 million at three different Atlantic City Casinos over the last six months.
Don Johnson tells sources that he is extremely thankful for his streak of good luck, even if he ended up losing amounts of unspecified cash during his lucky streak, as well as paying millions of dollars in taxes.
According to Thestar, Johnson was not willing to share his betting strategy, but he did say that there is nothing underhanded about his success with gambling. He denies any cheating whatsoever and he denies being apart of any sort of organized gambling ring. Johnson said that there is no magic to his luck and that he did not break any laws at all.
Johnson, 49, started to have luck in Blackjack back in December when he won over four million dollars at Caesars Atlantic City, according to the Torontosun. Johnson then went onto net another five million dollars at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. Johnson then won over another five million dollars at the Tropicana Casino and Resort.
According to Newser, Johnson began gambling 15 years ago, placing only $25 blackjack bets. However, last month Johnson was actually allowed to bet $100,000 for every single hand, which is the highest amount Johnson has heard of. Johnson insists that he simply knows what he is doing and when it comes to gambling he can figure things out on his own.