Op-Ed: The foreign view of Trump — Dangerous fool or just plain funny?

Posted Apr 23, 2011 by Paul Wallis
Donald Trump is nothing if not newsworthy. In fact, he’s getting more attention than the GOP, and that’s starting to worry them. What's worrying some people is the fact that the nuthouse may have found an even bigger nut.
Donald Trump  a real estate tycoon
Donald Trump, a real estate tycoon
Gage Skidmore
The days when foreigners were impressed with American billionaires, movers and shakers are long gone. Since the fiascoes of Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, the BP spill and the financial meltdown and its mindless double standard groveling to anyone with a wallet big enough to fit a career into, and the absurd budget debate, “awe” isn’t the word.
Raging incompetence and atrocities against the American public being the norm, the advent of Donald Trump as a possible Presidential candidate is just the thing to turn the foreign view of America from pitiful mess to pathetic game show. Trump’s well publicized comments about the Middle East have made a splash among commentators.
The BBC has made a few comments which are pretty indicative:
He will, no doubt, "fire" any number of real and imaginary foes, pick fights with the Chinese, squirm about his connections to Wall Street and tie himself into a few knots about why he called President Barack Obama "amazing and phenomenal" in his modestly entitled book, Think Like a Champion.
The Sydney Morning Herald:
Trump was pro-choice and supported universal healthcare. This time around Trump is anti-abortion, anti-gun control and anti-foreign aid.
The Economist has an article called “Just when you thought American politics couldn’t get more bizarre
There is, certainly, no questioning the putative candidate’s own gargantuan self-belief. In recent weeks he has left interviewers slack-jawed with amazement as he throws out his thoughts on how he would behave as president.
If you’re getting the impression that America’s external image is like a drunk who’s missed some of the basic moves of public behavior regarding personal hygiene, you’d be right. The apparently totally oblivious American political machines have kept up the circus acts which would make even European political parties cringe with embarrassment. The American media has been involved in its own little catfights, slinging as much mud as possible.
It wouldn’t be the first time a media gingerbread man has made President. The last time, a geriatric robot foisted a load of pseudo-economics designed by vermin. Trashy people, preferably as trashy as possible, are now fashionable, and there’s an obvious vacancy for spin factories to make a few billion out of any campaign. So Trump is in the race, based on the sheer number of people able to exploit the situation.
Running for President has a few basic requirements:
· Lots of hard cash to pay all the built-in altruists in US politics.
· A name with a lot of recognition.
· Easily produced branding.
· A short name for letterheads.
· No political knowledge or any particular ability to influence the GOP.
· The kind of stupidity needed to go for arguably the worst job in the world.
· Ability to appeal to the corporate circus freaks now running America.
· Sufficient confidence in himself to say anything, regardless of contradicting his own previous statements.
On the basis of the above, Trump is overqualified. He’s perhaps the only person in America who could possibly meet all the criteria and have the added skill of apparently not listening to anything he says himself. That could represent a whole new skill set for future Presidents.
America should know that the ability to antagonize the rest of the world, embarrass allies and have no policies is getting a bit stale. The rule for democracies now is watch what America does and do the opposite. The world may sympathize with Americans for being lumbered with the unspeakable subhuman filth now “running” the country into the financial and ethical grave and other daily/hourly atrocities, but don’t expect admiration for inflicting the Earth with yet another bozo.