Peru presidential election: Humala, Fujimori going to runoff

Posted Apr 11, 2011 by Igor I. Solar
With 69% of the votes counted, the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) reported that candidate Ollanta Humala has consolidated in the first place with 28.7% of the votes, which assures him a place in the second round on June 5.
Ollanta Humala  former miitary commander  Peruvian Presidential candidate of Gana Perú coalition.
Ollanta Humala, former miitary commander, Peruvian Presidential candidate of Gana Perú coalition.
Populist right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori is in second place (22.7 percent), narrowly ahead of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) (21.7%), according to El (in Spanish).
These partial results are the 7th official count reported by ONPE. Until the time of the 5th report (43 percent of the votes counted) Kuczynski was ahead of Fujimori (video above) and for a while the result of the election seemed going against all surveys before the election and exit polls which indicated a clear advantage of Fujimori over Kuczynski. Political analysts attributed the
Keiko Fujimori  Peruvian presidential candidate of coalition Fuerza 2011. She is the daughter of for...
Keiko Fujimori, Peruvian presidential candidate of coalition Fuerza 2011. She is the daughter of former Peruvian president Ernesto Fujimori.
K. Fujimori
unexpected initial results as coming mostly from polling places located in Lima and other major urban centres known to be partial to Kuczynski. However, as results from smaller populated centres and rural areas were counted and reported, Fujimori is strengthening her second place and the right to compete with Humala in the runoff election
In other results, Alejandro Toledo obtained a 15.2% and Luis Castaneda, 11%, reports El (in Spanish).
Still, these results are far from definitive. It’s anticipated that the final, official count will not be completed until about a week from today. One reason for the delay is that all votes including those of about 800,000 Peruvian living outside Perú must be physically seen and validated before ONPE is able to confirm the final results. The votes of Peruvian living abroad represent about 3.8% of the total electorate. Most Peruvians voting at remote polls are in the USA (160,000), Spain (124,000) Argentina (80,000) and Chile (62,000).
Government House aka  Palacio Pizarro  in Lima  Perú.
Government House aka "Palacio Pizarro" in Lima, Perú.