Dog rescued 21 days after being taken out to sea by Japan tsunami

Posted Apr 2, 2011 by Kev Hedges
A dog has been found alive floating on the roof of a house swept out to sea three weeks ago, when the tsunami hit Japan's east coast.
Air Force and Marine airlift in action.
Air Force and Marine airlift in action.
U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Samuel Morse
The small brown dog's condition has been described as "alive and well but slightly emaciated". Coast guards came across the canine as it searched the coastal waters off Kesennuma, in northern Japan by helicopter. At first the sounds of the chopper's rotor blades frightened the dog and he scampered underneath the roof hampering efforts by rescuers to get to him, reports All Voices Global News.
The helicopter eventually called off the rescue and summoned a boat to the point of the debris where guards had spotted the dog. Rescuers had hoped to find some human survivors inside the house but were disappointed to find it empty. The medium-sized brown dog appears to be in reasonably good condition considering its ordeal, reports the Daily Mail. Although the dog was wearing a collar there was no clue to its owner's address.
The dog's discovery is a rare glimmer of hope in a country where thousands of people have perished and many are still missing. In the days after the 9.0-magnitude quake struck off Japan's east coast another two dogs were rescued in the Japanese east coast city of Mito in Ibarak prefecture. One dog was so ill it could barely stand up, while the other refused to leave its side. Rescuers working alongside a Japanese television company caught the scene on video. Both dogs made a full recovery after being taken to a local veterinary.