Disney/Pixar sued by unknown writer over hit film

Posted Mar 22, 2011 by David James Young
Cars 2, the sequel to the hit Disney/Pixar film Cars, is set for a theatrical release this June. A British writer, however, is seeking an injunction to prevent the film's release.
Disney World Orlando  Florida
Disney World Orlando, Florida
Jake Mandeville-Anthony, a screenwriter, has filed claims that he came up with the original idea for the Cars franchise in the U.S. District Court this week.
Mr. Mandeville-Anthony claims to have initially written a three-part screenplay, entitled Cookie & Co.
The screenplay is based on the true-life adventure race-car driver Michael Owen Perkins, who won a race in 1988.
His claims go on to state that he created a second work - with the working title of Cars.
This included a treatment and a sample screenplay; as well as nearly fifty animated car character descriptions, 10 car character sketches and plans for both marketing and merchandising.
Mr. Mandeville claims to have sent copies of the works to a variety of production companies - amongst them Disney - and that he met in person with a Lucasfilm executive, Jim Morris in 1993.
Morris would later join Pixar in 2005, with the Cars film as we know it released a year afterwards.
Mandeville is alleging copyright infringement in his filed claims, as well as a breach of implied contract.
In addition to the aforementioned injunction, he is also requesting actual or statutory damages.
Cars, upon release in 2006, was a strong commercial success.
It grossed over $450 million, and became a merchandising powerhouse for the Disney corporation.
At the time of writing, Pixar were not responding to requests for comment.
Cars 2 is set for release in theatres in the US on June 24, 2011 and in the UK on July 22, 2011.