Op-Ed: New Punta Cana Pleasures Special

Posted Mar 19, 2011 by Susan Campbell
Get virtually waterlogged in luxury at the fabulous Zoëtry Agua Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic to truly experience "the art of life".
Aerial View Zoëtry Agua  Punta Cana
Aerial View Zoëtry Agua, Punta Cana
It took me around 14 hours from snowbound and frigid Montreal to finally set foot on the warm sands of AMresorts' new Zoëtry Agua escape in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, but it was well worth the journey.
Within the hour, I could feel all the winter woes wash away entirely in a wave of water-based relief. It began with sauntering out a few feet away from my gorgeous Zen inspired palapa onto the deck where I could swim out into a serpentine pool toward the sea where I could see the waves breaking wildly on a far out reef. I stopped only to take a short soothing soak in the jacuzzi enroute before slipping back into the winding waterway that ends in an infinity waterfall pool/beach bar. Stopped for a tropical libation and then scampered out a few steps down onto the beach and into the warm sea. Floating on my back with face to the tropical sun, the only thing going through my mind was. " Ahhhh, that's better!"
Zoëtry Agua Resort  Punt Cana
Zoëtry Agua Resort ,Punt Cana
It was getting dark, so I headed back to my room to run a hot bath in the massive marble tub filling it to the brim with the complimentary eco-friendly and fragrant oils and bubbles. Lit the candles and the incense, and poured a glass of white wine from the in-room minibar fridge-all part of their "Endless Privileges" plan including top shelf liquors--and listened to the local radio station back home on my laptop courtesy of the free resort-wide WIFI.
Hearing all about the horrible weather at home while I smugly soaked with a picture perfect view of the sparkling night stars and half moon rising above the swaying palms, once again, the only thing running through my mind was, "Ahhhh, that IS better."
Before getting ready for dinner. I took advantage of the tremendous perk of having free worldwide calling from my room ( 24/7) to check in with the family, and then joined some colleagues on the tiki lit outdoor terrace of their lovely fusion dining spot ( one of three) cresting a serene lily pad-filled pond.
We feasted on buffalo steak and curry shrimp and all opted for the decadent desert of native Dominican chocolate with passion fruit puree. Though all of the menus contain calorie counts and nutritional info in keeping with their health and wellness concept, we were there to indulge and paid them little mind. After a few more cocktails and the sweet serenading of live trio, it was off to a curl up on top quality linens with my chosen pillow ( from the pillow menu) and a sweet, satisfied slumber ensued to the sound of the lapping surf.
The hydrotherapy circuit at the stand alone spa exemplifies the healing and restorative powers of H2...
The hydrotherapy circuit at the stand alone spa exemplifies the healing and restorative powers of H20
Zoetry resort
Only one night and I was already in total relaxation mode with wind chill factors, freezing rain, and frozen eyelashes all a distant memory. Rejuvenated and refreshed after ordering room service breakfast ( room service included in the price 24/7) which was cheerily served with some fresh cut blooms on my deck, I took a few minutes to catch some rays on the poolside lounge before getting ready for my scheduled massage.
I opted to be early for my appointment at the stand alone spa so I could spend some time immersing myself in their highly touted hydrotherapy circuit. I have always been a big fan of thermal pools with waterfalls especially to get some relief from chronic neck and arm aches from too much typing, but here they had something I had never encountered before-- water jet lounges right in the pool where you lie back as you would on the beach but benefit from high pressure water spouts shooting up from all over. Incredible. It was tough to tear myself away from them but I had a very interesting treatment waiting: a diamond dust magnetic scrub and massage. It was intriguing as it sounds, the gemstones, magnets and diamond dust ( yes, real diamond dust) are applied in such a fashion that they re-channel your natural energies.
It might sound like a bunch of new age nonsense, but you can really feel the energy moving like chills or very mild electric shocks. Then it's wrapped up with a vigorous massage. I swear if I was any more relaxed at the end of that treatment, I would have been dead.
Then it was lunch in front of the sea and my time was up, I had to move on to another resort for another review, but I hated to leave. The name Zoëtry is coined from a combination "zoe" the Greek word for life and the definition of poetry as "artful creation". Together they brand it "the art of life", and believe me, I get it! Their "Endless Privileges" concept, creative guest enrichment programs, and overall soul-soothing ambiance, gorgeous grounds, and lovely staff ensure you need little artistic talent to paint yourself a perfect portrait of holiday heaven.