Anger over tattooed 'Queen' on pub sign

Posted Feb 19, 2011 by Lynn Curwin
A sign at a Northumberland pub, which appears to be a cartoon version of the Queen with tattoos, has upset many people, while others feel it is a laugh.
Sign at the Queen s Arms Hotel in Acomb
Sign at the Queen's Arms Hotel in Acomb
sign at the Queen's Arms Hotel in Acomb
The newly-refurbished Queen's Arms pub in Acomb has a new sign which includes an image of a woman resembling the Queen who has a tattoo including the word "Phil" on one crossed forearm. The building in the background looks much like Buckingham Palace.
David Crawford-Emery, who owns the pub, said the caricature was based on his late mother, who resembled the Queen.
"I wanted something that said at a glance that it was something just a little bit different," the BBC quoted him as saying.
"There is a remarkable similarity to the Queen, but then my mum looked like her. She was born in the same year and brought up in the same generation.
"It's just a cartoon. It's not a photograph of anybody.
"All the reaction we have had in the pub has been positive."
He his mother's name was Betty and her husband was called Phil.
"I have no idea whether the Queen has a tattoo because I have never seen her arms," he told Metroradio. "I would not do anything to cause offence to the Queen because I am a royalist myself."
Major Charles Enderby, a former member of the Queen's ceremonial guard who is now chairman of Acomb parish council, said the sign has upset a lot of people.
"I have to say I am personally appalled," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying
"We very much welcomed the investment in the pub, which had been run down for a number of years.
"However, I think the sign is very sad. Acomb does not deserve something so distasteful."
Metroradio reported that a spokesman for Northumberland County Council confirmed they had received a large number of complaints about the sign, but that council could not intervene in matters of taste.
The BBC reported that Buckingham Palace said it would not comment.