Dallas county court commissioner tells citizens to ‘go to hell’

Posted Feb 17, 2011 by William Charles Baker
An angry exchange between a Dallas County Court Commissioner and a citizen speaker during a meeting generated a series of verbal exchanges ending with the “go to hell” request.
SarahFranco via
Commissioner John Wiley Price the only African American on the court was addressing the requests of citizens at an open forum portion of the meeting. The angry out bursts started when several people spoke on the forced resignation of long term elections administrator Bruce Sherbet.
Price became offended when one of the speakers called him “Mullah” which was too close to “Moolie” a derogatory term applied to African Americans.
CBSdfw reports: “Court rules state that public speakers may not address individual commissioners by name. As Turner spoke, he continued to call Price “Chief Mulllah.” Price interrupted Turner several times, yelling at him, “don’t call me Chief Mulllah” and “call me by my name.”
Turner claims that his use of the name Mullah was not racially motivated but spoke to the iron rule by authorities in foreign nations like Afghanistan.
In spite of Price's interruptions Turner continued to speak which eventually led to Commissioner Price making his request for what the speakers should do and then he walked out of the court. County Judge Clay Jenkins then adjourned the meeting.
Myfoxhouston reports: “The ruckus on Tuesday morning went like this:
“Why are all the speakers white? Ain’t nobody else? Anyway, let’s go,” he said.
The audience began yelling at Price and he shot back.
“All of you are white. Go to hell,” he said.
One person shouted that Price should be ashamed of himself.
“I’m not ashamed. Go to hell,” Price said.”
The confrontation continued as participants tried to follow Price out of the meeting as security personnel intervened. Name-calling continued with one of the followers of Price claiming that he had been called “fat” and another remark that Price should be ashamed of himself for his actions. Price refused to offer and apology for his words.
Local Dallas County Muslims have expressed their displeasure regarding the statements made by Turner at the meeting.
The Dallasnews reports: “"Commissioner Price is not a Muslim so why would this guy use an Islamic label to attack Commissioner Price who by the way is a life long Christian? It's so obvious Turner knew exactly why he used this term it's also so obvious he has no respect for Muslims. And he and other right wing conservatives will continue to misuse our faith unless we stand up and say in loud voices STOP!"