Teamsters take on ‘Tea Party’ as ‘union busting’

Posted Feb 11, 2011 by Carol Forsloff
The Teamsters are fed up and not going to take it any more. At least that is what they are saying in essence as they oppose what they call Wisconsin Governor Scot Walker’s “job-killing budget.”
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker
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"Wisconsin needs three things right now: jobs, jobs and more jobs," said Gegare. "We do not need a budget that destroys jobs and lowers the standard of living for everyone in the state.
"Walker's budget plan is a partisan, job-killing proposal aimed at punishing his political enemies and rewarding his political backers. Walker claims to be the original Tea Party in Wisconsin."
This fighting stance comes as the Teamsters line up to take on what they consider union busting. The union declares in a press release. the Tea Party founders, that include the billionaire Kock brothers, have been trying to bust unions for years. The organization says this is just a new avenue for that same union-busting activity.
In the meantime over in New Jersey Chris Christie is the center of debate for his targeting pensions. It is his contention that the state budgets can’t handle the large pensions of state workers. He has these in mind for reduction, which concerns some critics as they ask whether or not his cuts add up.
In 2006 the Treasury department released a study that undercut the notion that keeping the Bush tax cuts in place would not be painful. The Washington Post wrote that the study found the federal government will “need to either cut spending or raise taxes down the road to pay for extending President Bush's recent tax cuts,” thereby dismissing the Republican notion that sacrifices would not occur.
In December Obama reached a compromise with Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts, including those for the wealthiest Americans.
As for those hurts, this is how the Teamsters respond to the Wisconsin budget problems, "It's time for Walker to quit playing politics with people's livelihoods. Government workers did not cause Wisconsin's budget problems; the recession did. Government workers should not be punished because Wall Street's recklessness caused this recession.
"Walker has already killed hundreds of jobs in Milwaukee by getting the high-speed rail project killed. It looks like he was just getting warmed up," Gegare said.