Belgian Senator suggests no sex until new government is formed

Posted Feb 11, 2011 by William Charles Baker
In an attempt to end the gridlock that followed June's inconclusive elections, a member of the Socialist party in Belgium has come up with an idea to get things moving again.
Marleen Temmerman, a Flemish parliamentarian, has suggested no sexual encounters as a way to end the 242 days without a government. Without an end the current stretch may exceed the old record set by Iraq.Temmerman uses the example set in Kenya in 2009 when women took a chastity vow. Prostitutes were offered financial compensation to withhold their services.
AolNews reports: "The impact has never been scientifically proven, but after just one week there was a stable government."
The suggestion was not the first and included a Belgian entertainer suggesting that men do not shave until the deadlock was resolved.
The DutchDailyNews reports: “Recently one of Belgium's best-known actors, Benoit Poelvoorde, urged his fellow citizens not to shave again until the country finally forms a government.”
The stand still continues in spite of the latest idea.