Queen gives her blessing to Oscar-nominated King's Speech

Posted Feb 5, 2011 by Kev Hedges
Queen Elizabeth II has been shown a private screening of the The King's Speech and has given her approval. Having watched the blockbuster film, nominated for 12 Oscars, Her Majesty is said to have been "moved" by the film.
Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
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The King's Speech stars Colin Firth as Queen Elizabeth's father King George VI and centres around his speech impediment. Screenwriter David Seidler said receiving the Queen's approval was the ultimate honour. He had wanted to write the movie when the Queen Mother, married to King George, was alive but it was considered still too sensitive an issue for her.
A palace source told News International, "The Queen loves a good film, 'The King's Speech' is close to the bone as it is a portrayal of her family life in the 1930s."
Mr Seidler told the BBC, "When her mother asked me 30 years ago to wait, because the memory of these events were still too painful, I understood the intense feelings that were involved, and now that the film has been written and made with love, and respect, and admiration, the fact that Her Majesty has recognised this is incredibly and wonderfully gratifying."
There are just 22 days to go until the Oscars and The Kings Speech is widely expected to scoop the top award of best movie. Geoffrey Rush, who plays speech therapist Lionel Logue, and Helena Bonham Carter, who plays the King's wife Queen Elizabeth, are also nominated in their supporting roles.
The film appears to be gaining ground on The Social Network as favourite to win at the 83rd Academy Awards, reports the Telegraph.
King George VI, took the throne reluctantly after his brother abdicated. Plagued by a dreaded stammer and considered by many unfit to be king.