Maverick's surf site, Big waves Strike

Posted Jan 23, 2011 by Gar Swaffar
Maverick's has been described as the Mount Everest of the surfing world. On Saturday, a large set caught several surfers unaware and unprepared for such a large set of waves.
Jacob Trette along with many of the Maverick's surfers had been edging closer to shore where the break was cleaner and the waves not so ragged. The problem began when a large set came in from quite a distance where the pack of surfers was sitting. The twenty five foot wave set was big enough to cause trouble for anyone caught in the crush of the waves.
Trette was one of at least two surfers who got caught in a pair of two-wave hold downs from the twenty foot set which followed the first clean-up set (25'). The other surfer , Alex Bottello, was picked up first by a surf photographer Russel Ord and was being taken to shore when Trette was spotted face up but unresponsive..
Ord and Botello were able to get Jacob Trette on the sled being pulled behind the jet-ski Ord was shooting photos from and performed CPR on him at shore until paramedics arrived.
Trette has been placed in a medically induced coma for now at Stanford Medical Center where he was airlifted to, to lessen his need for oxygen and is still in danger of losing some brain function from his time in the water at Maverick's.
Local TV station KTVU 2 was able to capture raw video footage of the wave set and Trette being sucked under after he went over the falls on the first large wave. The size of the waves is apparent in the video footage, what isn't apparent are the shallow reef structures and dangerous rocks the surfers contend with for a thrill hard to match.
Without the actions of photographer Russel Ord, Jacob Trette would almost certainly be another lost surfer claimed by big waves off the coast of Half Moon Bay. The irony of the situation becomes more pronounced when the issue of whether or not Ord will be charged under a ban put in place by the NOAA for the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary against personal watercraft use.
Mavericks is an area just off the coast of Half Moon Bay near Monterey, Ca.It's also the site of the Maverick's Surf Contest held each year.